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Wide lounge with fire.  Mas el Molí has a wide lounge, a perfect place to meet all family or friends together. click here

6 double bedrooms  Mas el Molí has six wide, bright and homely double bedrooms. click here.

3 Bathrooms.  The house has three bathrooms fully equipped with every thing you need and even more. click here.

Full equipped kitchen  Mas el Molí’s kitchen is perfectly prepared for you, the clients to make a totally free and independent useclick here.

Manorial Hall  When you’ll enter in Mas el Molí you’ll find an spectacular XVIII century’s manorial hall with a big vault and stone walls. click here

Garden and was.Mas el Moli’s garden is a place surrounded by the greenery and the colours of all different plants and flowers. click here 

Swimming pool and barbacue. Mas el Molí swimming pool is just in the middle of the garden surrounded by ivy and stone walls. It is a big swimming pool with no deep area for children and old people. click here

Vintage shop. Formerly Mas el Molí had a shop where they use to sell the sausages and meat of their own pigs, olive oil, wheel and other here

Old hidraulic mill. Formerly  the most important element of this county side house was the impressive hydraulic mill of XVIII century. click here

The pond . Mas el Molí pond is 600m2 of surface and it is one of the biggest in the valley because they use to need a lot of wáter to move the big mil stones to convert the cereal in flour. click here

Horses, hens, dogs and cats. Mas el Molí like all country side houses has a good number of diferent animals: horses, hens, dogs and cats. click here

Llémena river. Llémena river is only 100 meters from Mas el Molí, it passes through its fields. click here

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