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Llémena valley

La Vall de Llémena deixa petxada

Vídeo Olot-TV

In this video you will find the Olot-TV report, where you can enjoy the landscape, history and activities of the Llémena Valley:


Llémena valley, space where Mas el Molí is situated, is one of the natural places best preserved of Girona zone. The combination between fields and different kinds of forest, crags and water conform an harmonic landscape modeled by nature and the traditional uses of its resources. The geographical situation and the beauty of its environment, give the perfect conditions  to enjoy  a big diversity of leisure, cultural, sportive and gastronomic possibilities for everybody.

Interesting web sites (not translated): Very advisable. Web of the municipal community of the valley; a lot of information about trekking, biking, leisure, leisure, gastronomy, culture, history… only in Spanish and Catalan. Association of naturists and mountaineers. They organize trekking and cultural visits in Finestras zone.

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